An Appeal for Donations

Billy … concerning the translating of the new work, ‹Kelch der Wahrheit›, there will no doubt be difficulties because it must be professionally translated which costs a tremendous amount of money – money that we do not have at our disposal. In this case it would be necessary that responsible-minded human beings with sufficient financial resources step in and support this work as sponsors. To find such responsible-minded human beings may be very difficult because whoever is financially rich has, as a rule, no need to support the effective truth and its teaching as well as a teaching through which human beings are able to find within themselves the path of true love, peace, freedom and harmony and to carry these high values out to the entire humanity on Earth. The human beings on Earth would rather donate – because they are religious, sectarian, ideological, or philosophical believers – a lot of money to religions, ideologies and philosophies as well as for wars etc., because they believe to be able to buy their salvation or security. They hope to enter heaven in this way and be allowed to humble and worship in the heavenly dust at the feet of their imaginary god; or they hope to be protected from terrorist attacks in their country etc., when supporting wars from which they also hope to benefit when putting their money into them.