An Appeal for Donations

Ptaah I also assess the entire situation in the same way and I think that at the moment the most important language that the «Kelch der Wahrheit» has to be translated into is English, but Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese may not be disregarded after which other languages must be considered as well. You all will endeavour, that I know. Until the whole becomes actual, there is still Guido's book which you are correcting and, according to my request, are also editing.

Billy We work on it every week two times, at least as far as it is possible for Andrea. But it is moving ahead well.

Ptaah That's good to hear and I would not like to neglect to articulate my thanks to all those who are assisting which is also valid for all the others who are actively helping with the difficult mission and tackle everything so that steady progress and success are recorded. I would also like to direct my thanks to all the members of the worldwide Group of Passive Members as well as all the friends of FIGU and those interested in the Mission, who help with their financial contributions so that the Mission can bloom. My thanks should also go to all those Earth human beings, who in the coming future will continue to stand by the Mission and also support it financially as far as the necessary translations of the books and other writings into other languages are concerned.

Billy Thank you for your words, and I am certain that you will also receive the thanks of those who feel spoken to.

Ptaah The thank is due to all those who recognize the truth and importance of the Mission and exert themselves to live up to it and help so that it can bear good fruits, regardless of whatever type of efforts are always given.

Billy Those are good words and I agree with them.