An Appeal for Donations

Ptaah Unfortunately, your explanations correspond frighteningly to the truth, but in spite of this you must endeavour to realize the translation and distribution of the work.

Billy Of course we will persevere, but here on Earth there are not very many well-off human beings to be found who would take the responsibility to help selflessly. Responsible human beings for donations are more likely to be found in our Core Group and Passive Members Group as well as among friends and interested individuals who help with our mission and the teaching of the effective truth. In this way, small contributions could come together and with time accumulate to the point where one day the ‹Kelch der Wahrheit› could at least be translated into English; for which we could also bring in a skilled person having perfect command of both languages who could do the work, but only for a fee. Of course, a translation into Arabic and Chinese would also be very important. The Japanese translation would definitely be looked after by the members of FIGU Japan; they are very assiduous and have already translated various books and writings. At the moment English, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese would be the important languages.