World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

Peacefighting creates peace and it preserves and builds, so it is not there to destroy and annihilate, which is characteristic of every politically, power and profit oriented war, etc. However, mindless fighting can not simply be started, because a peace-fight must also be strategically well planned down to the last detail and developed in such a way that success is guaranteed. This means with respect to an intervention in the machinations, etc., of belligerent states and criminal organizations that a tremendously superior number of peace fighters will invade the country concerned, so that every resistance is useless and so the unrest can no longer escalate and is destroyed at its source. A war however is not yet settled with this, for after the acts of war have been brought under control and those responsible have been rendered incapable of action and brought to account through a measure, for example, such as life-long banishment to an absolutely secure and inescapable place, it is necessary that the people concerned are offered humanitarian help. Therefore, the entire corps of the peacefighting troop can not simply be withdrawn again. A certain vital part of this corps must remain in the country and make sure that no new unrest is able to break out. In addition, the new government to be appointed and also the people must be led back onto the right path through teachings, which can possibly take a long time, because every human being must gain insight into the necessity of peace and humanitarianism and also into a just and good lifestyle and therefore must undergo a change of mind.

By Barbara Harnisch and Billy, Switzerland

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In an article by Achim Wolf entitled «Die Stimme der Vernunft» (see Sonder-Bulletin no. 26 at, the creation of multinational peace-fighting troops, according to the model described above, would require that the decision-making body of the United Nations be occupied and headed by people who are absolutely independent, non-political and neutral, whose entire thinking is solely aligned with the creative principles of truth, knowledge and wisdom and who only allow themselves to be guided by reason and understanding.