A Letter to Al Gore ...

Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Global Climate Change Activist, On Behalf of Like-Minded People Seeking an Age of Reason, Global Peace and Human Equality

Dear Mr. Gore,
I am writing to you on behalf of a FIGU-study-group in Munich, Germany. We recently had the pleasure of watching your film, «An Inconvenient Truth», on German television, which we found to be very informative with regard to the cause and effects of global warming and how we as a global community can help stop it by supporting the development of sustainable energy like solar, wind, water and other forms of abundant natural energy. Revealing the truth in this day and age is an uphill battle, but you are not alone in the struggle to resolve this problem. We too are interested in finding effective solutions to the critical problems we face as a global humanity such as global warming, dwindling resources, overpopulation, human inequality, poverty and war. There are also many other people and organizations working towards this end (see the Earth Charter Initiative at www.earthcharter.org). Green Cross International, for example, which was founded in 1992 by Mikhail Gorbachev, is also dedicated to finding effective solutions to environmental problems and is actively involved in the development of sustainable energy worldwide. In fact, its U.S. affiliate, Global Green USA, is currently building affordable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina (see greencrossinternational.net and globalgreen.org). Attached to this mail is a copy of «The Earth Charter» and an interesting interview with Brad Pitt on the above-mentioned project in New Orleans along with a short report on the benefits of sustainable development there for both the residents and the environment. I must say that your film and this project were a genuine inspiration to me and the other members of the study group. We realize it’s only a beginning, but these exemplary efforts prove that it’s possible to win the battle against global warming and to build a just, sustainable and peaceful global society, if we all join forces and start working together as a global family. Last but not least, we fully agree with a very important point you made in your film with regard to our rapidly growing global population and the effect it has on global warming.