World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

However, the way the U.N. handles things today, with its ridiculous and useless missions, nothing can be achieved with respect to pacifying the earth or its peoples, although the foremost duties of the U.N. are to secure world peace, heed international law, protect human rights and promote international cooperation. Our current multinational peace troops, as defined by the U.N., are nothing but a farce. In an official contact conversation between Ptaah and Billy on August 15, 2006, Ptaah stated that if the overall concept is to be effective and the desired goal of world peace achieved, then this can only be done with a multinational ‹peace-fighting troop› that acts in logical force and does everything necessary to disarm the armies. In principle and under all circumstances, only one multinational peace-fighting troop may exist on a planet under the strictest control of the world population, and alone this peace-fighting army may have combat weapons at its disposal to secure the safety of the entire planet and its population. The duty of such a multinational peace-fighting force would be to nip every seat of conflict in the bud within 72 hours, to disarm the elements responsible for the warmongering crimes and armed conflicts in a resolute manner and to take them in safe custody. The guilty must then be separated from society for life, by decision and order of the world community, so they can no longer do any damage. This procedure would correspond to the creative principle of logical force in defence, whereby the guiltless may in no way be harmed, injured or killed, nor any avoidable damage caused to their property. For further details see «Auszüge aus dem offiziellen 432. Kontaktgespräch» in Sonder-Bulletin no. 27 at With such a mighty global force dedicated to securing and preserving world peace, all the horrors of war could finally be brought to an end. The duty of every human being is to protect and foster life and not to destroy it. So let’s stop the senseless harming, robbing and killing of our fellow human beings and the equally senseless destruction of our planet. Together, we can take control of our destiny with the help of global referendums and not only stop all wars but create a truly humanitarian society on Earth guided by truth, knowledge, wisdom, reason and love.

Rebecca Walkiw