World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

The antibodies render security and protection to the living and healthy cells. It is just the same with warmongers and the multinational peace-fighting troop. If the criminal act of a head of state or a gangster, etc., is not immediately halted by a superior number of peace fighters, who establish order, then all the horrible and unimaginable things, which happen in abominable wars and crimes year after year in dozens of countries on Earth today, can go unhindered and unpunished. In general, a fully false opinion prevails with regard to a multinational peace-fighting troop. The words ‹peace› and ‹fighting› united in one expression annoy a lot of people, and they think of it as an army, like the one we know today, which spreads misery, hardship, fear and terror. But that is not the case at all, since the troop members are very well trained specialists with regard to such things as defence, peace-making, peace-keeping and safeguarding survival on the one hand and with regard to abiding by the natural laws and being humane on the other. In addition, they come from so many different nations and nationalities that they could never form a power-hungry, state-related unit with viable traits of power. This way, they are multinationally obliged to perform their duties, side by side, whereby it can by no means be in their interest to allow quarrels to arise or cravings for power, etc. The peace-fighting troop fights for peace and tries to establish it to the best of its human knowledge and ability and also as humanely as possible, or in other words, in such a way, that there will be no dead, if possible, or only very few. Their task consists of protecting life and eliminating the source of unrest in order to maintain peace, stability and order as well as security for all life and possessions and goods and does not consist of playing ‹would-be warriors›. Every unnecessary death must be prevented under all circumstances. Whoever thinks however that a belligerent country could simply be invaded and leveled to the ground is no better than the instigator of a war, for he is playing in his thoughts with underhanded murder, crimes against humanity and treacherous assassination of innocent people. That however is not the purpose of a multinational peace-fighting troop. Furthermore, the soldiers of the belligerent country are only carrying out their orders, forced to do so in many cases, and perhaps only out of fear of being killed themselves by their rulers or their own people. It is usually not at all the way most people think, who are uninvolved, for if a ruler or a gangster degenerates somewhere, then neither he nor his entire entourage and by no means his entire people, who are usually not at all guilty, may be killed.