World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

The primary duty of the helping side consists, without exception, of protecting and preserving life. Death is only permissible for a single, solitary reason: Necessary defence. A human being is only justified in this one form to take the life of another human being. The peace-fighting troop always acts in accordance with the law of passive force (= alone the multiply superior force of the peace fighters nips the unrest in the bud). It naturally can not be ruled out that a peace fighter may have to shoot or otherwise kill a warlike assailant to save his own life or that of a third person or to fulfill his goal of bringing the unrest and the war or the crime, etc., under control, for it should be reckoned with that the belligerent country or the criminals, etc., are not willing to give up. But when killing must be done in this form, out of necessity, a peace fighter is acting in full defence of life and thus not for reasons of bloodthirstiness. This way, the number of unavoidable deaths can be limited to a countable few, whereas contrary to this today, thousands of people all over the world are abused, tortured, mutilated, robbed, exploited and innocently promoted from life to death, after they had hoped in vain for days, months or years for justified help. Here again, the human body serves as an example: If the antibodies do not succeed in neutralizing the seat of the disease, then a foot or a leg, etc., for example must be removed to protect the rest of the body, so the poison or the disease is unable to spread any further. Peace-fighting is not the same as war, since war means murder, misery, hardship, hatred, annihilation and destruction; peace-fighting however, in the sense of fighting for peace, is an earnest, human endeavor towards a peaceful and healthy existence for all life forms and all existence, which is indeed connected with a period of unrest but has neutrality as its goal. This type of fighting is done in such a way that peace emerges as the goal, even if logical force is necessary to accomplish it. This is contrary to political and criminal wars, whose sole purpose is the acquisition of power, the preservation of power, and profit. The peace-fight struggles with the negative and the degenerated, so that the positively balanced can finally gain the upper hand.