World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

The peace-fighting troops are furthermore only able and permitted to obtain and use these weapons, if necessary defence should require it. The peace-fighting troops guarantee that the would-be dictators, warmongers, criminals, gangsters and enemies against life, limb, possessions and goods will be rooted out with time by humanly justifiable but rigorous measures, through which peace and security for all life will be established worldwide and will be lasting. A peace-fighting troop has absolutely nothing to do with a renewed state of war or with a new power group on Earth but merely performs the function of protection and of the logical use of force. As long as humanity continues to degenerate as it has for such a long time and as the daily news today confirms over and over again, such an organization will be needed to halt such hostile actions towards humanity and life. A warmonger, belligerent party, despot, dictator, criminal or gangster can not be brought to reason with friendly words; alone the very idea of giving war commands or bullying, robbing and stealing from other people, sucking others dry with drugs and killing, etc., is evidence of the fact that people who do such things are sick, insane and degenerated in their thinking and behavior in a way that is hostile towards life and humanity. In their insanity and in their position of power, etc., they are so dangerous however, that they endanger the life of their own countrymen and the life of others, including people from foreign countries, whom they are willing to thoughtlessly, irresponsibly and senselessly sacrifice. In most cases, the heads of state, with their entourage, are the ones who are unable to cope with the enormous stress and responsibility of an entire state, have a mental breakdown and are power-hungry and therefore always want more and will never be satisfied. Peace can only be brought about and maintained with the logical use of force which many people however are unwilling to understand. But a very good example of this is the human body itself which is subject to given natural laws and thus also functions accordingly: When a bacillus tries to settle down in the body, innumerable antibodies are produced which attack and destroy this disturbing factor with superior force. If this were not the case, the disease-bringing bacillus could multiply unhindered and finally attack and even destroy the entire body.