Organ donation and transplantation ...

In August 2009 The Times confirmed parts of Ptaah’s statement in an article titled ‹Death row organ donor scandal exposed in China›.
Considering the above arguments, one may come to the conclusion that donating an organ and transplanting it from one human being to the next is not a good idea at all. But what would be the alternative, if one has an accident or an organ destroying disease and the body is to be repaired? The answer is that more effort towards growing new organs in laboratories has to be made, so that human bodies can be repaired sufficiently without having to carry out transplantations. For example promising progress in the field of regenerative medicine has been made in the US at the University of Pittsburgh, where medical research scientists successfully stimulated the regrowth of the fingertip of a man. The patient had lost half an inch of his index finger in an accident, and his brother, a medical research scientist, gave him some powdered extracellular matrix of a pig’s bladder to sprinkle onto the injured end of his finger. The claim is that within four weeks the fingertip of the patient grew back with blood vessels, skin, nail and all. Other scientists have begun to use patients’ own stem cells to regrow body parts, for example bladders and blood vessels. That shows that a much better alternative to organ transplantation is not far away, and that we can begin to turn away from organ donations.
Vibka (Wiebke) Wallder, Australia

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