Organ donation and transplantation ...

Therefore it is possible, for example, that a human being, who has the heart of a murderer implanted, in like circumstances becomes a murderer himself. These are facts which are still denied today by doctors etc., however, time will prove that it is true and is neither abnormal or esoteric theory nor nonsense.
And this truth, explained above by Billy, seems to be confirmed by Paul Pearsall in his book ‹The Heart’s Code›.
During a conference in Houston, Texas, Pearsall spoke about the concept of cellular memory. Another psychiatrist came to the microphone and as an example for this concept relayed the story of an eightyear old girl, who had received the heart of a murdered tenyear old girl. Her mother had taken her to the psychiatrist when she started screaming at night about her dreams of the man who had murdered her donor. The mother said her daughter knew who it was. After several sessions, the psychiatrist could not deny the reality of what this child was telling her. She and the mother finally decided to call the police and, using the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer. He was easily convicted with the evidence the patient provided. The time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the victim he killed had said to him…everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate.
Pearsall also interviewed Claire Sylvia, a heartlung transplant recipient, who has described her experiences in detail in the book ‹A change of heart›, written by Bill Novak. Apparently, when Claire woke up from her anaesthetic she felt a strong craving for beer and hamburgers, which she had rarely consumed before. She found out that her organ donor had been a young man, who was killed riding his motor bike, and who had been very fond of hamburgers and beer. Since the transplant operation Claire has also had accurate dreams about her donor, changes in her style of dancing and many other changes, which seems to confirm what Billy explained about cellular memory. Therefore I asked myself whether I would want an organ transplant, and by now you can probably guess my answer. NO WAY! I have enough issues of my own to work through in this life. I do not need someone else’s problems, cravings, or bad habits on top of that. It is already difficult enough to hedge yourself off against external influences and to listen to your inner self in order to pick up the impulses that come from your subconsciousness, and which help the material consciousness, that is to say the personality, in its development. If you then got the cellular information of a donated organ on top of that it could be compared with a radio that is not tuned in properly, and as a result of it the broadcasting or the clear transmission of the program is interfered with to a greater or lesser extent.
I will do my best to keep this body healthy and functioning for as long as possible to give the spirit form, which lives in me, the best possible evolution in this life. And if I were to develop a live-threatening illness tomorrow I’d be happy to accept it and die from it, because I know that death is nothing but another phase in the evolution of the spirit form that lives in me. Death and life are two different worlds that belong together; one always follows the other, like night follows the day and another day follows the night.

Sadly there is an even darker side in relation to organ donation and transplantation. A lot of human beings on this planet believe that they have only one life and they desperately cling to it. And because of that they are prepared to pay a lot of money for an organ that could extend their life. From that a lucrative business has grown, and the horrors which are exercised in China, for example, are even more awful than is known in the public media. In the 256th contact from 13 May 1996, Billy and Ptaah speak about practices in China, which are below all human dignity and humanity. According to Ptaah, on a huge scale, people are sentenced to death by official courts and are executed, only for the authorities to get their hands on the organs of the killed ones, which are then sold for serious money and transplanted into someone solvent. Thereby, it does not matter whether the convicted are really guilty or innocent or whether it concerns a potato thief or bicycle thief or a pimp or murderer.