Rehabilitation for Lee Elders

357th Contact; April 26, 2004; 23 minutes past midnight

Billy Thank you for your effort to check. But may I ask you now if you have already found out something regarding the matter that I asked you about a fairly long time ago? It simply does not leave my mind, therefore, I asked Christian Frehner to send an email to the address I am looking to make contact with.

Quetzal You speak very carefully about it, dear friend. I guess you do not want to speak publicly about it at least at this time, and not mention any names, do you? I'll keep that in mind. Now the fact is, that by wrong actions and wrong information of some persons very well known to you, differences, slander and almost conflict have developed, whereby defamation and slander also penetrated right up to the core group members. Unfortunately at that time, we have let ourselves in on defamation by way of assuming that these would be true. That again rests upon our kind view that the persons concerned, as I will call the fallible ones who have done wrong, would have had a clear and in-depth insight of all of the decisive matters that had turned up. However, regrettably we let ourselves be deceived by statements of the aforementioned persons, as you know this was still very often the case at that time. Later, when through you we had been set right, and did not let ourselves anymore become mixed up in specific machinations of the destructive powers, we determined not to get involved in any sort of clarifications, because far too often we let ourselves be deceived by wrong words and thoughts of the fallible ones who spoke and thought different to what the truth represented. Because we were not able to understand lies, as this was unknown and foreign to us, we unfortunately interpreted all wrong and false words and thoughts as truth and reality, and in fact, for so long until you set us right. However, up to that point in time, years went by and only since 1999 do we possess the strenuously acquired ability to critically analyse the words and thoughts of human beings, consequently, we don't consider simply everything that is thought and spoken as truth. But that we were able to learn and develop abilities in this way, this alone is entirely thanks to you, my friend. And only through this acquired ability was it possible for me to look after the matter you have asked me to clarify. So I found out that you had been wrongly informed in several matters connected with your concern, whereby seemingly confusion and unclarity developed that resulted in differences between you and the other party. I was naturally aware that you did not want this to happen and were always looking for a way to dissolve these differences, wherefore you have now asked Christian to pursue a path, after I could give you the necessary information about who had caused discord and quarrel. Of course, the persons concerned will vehemently dispute and deny it, for they are highly opinionated of themselves and domineering, which makes reason and understanding impossible.