Rehabilitation for Lee Elders

Billy You are probably right in that it should suffice, consequently nothing more shall be done but to try and right this matter. In addition I believe, when the conflict is settled, at least the names of the other party, with which the unpleasant differences exist should be publicly mentioned in our contact reports in order for them to be rehabilitated.

Quetzal That is absolutely right and is also my view. Ptaah as well agrees, for I have told him of this matter today.

Billy Good, in respect to this matter everything is now clear to all of us - then I have to inform only the core group members when it is time, though I do not want to mention the names of the fallible persons - in order to maintain peace. I am hopeful that everything will be put right, for I regard the other side as good friends, and respect them as reasonable and understanding human beings who do not harbour unforgiving thoughts.

Quetzal You will be right in the end. That is how Ptaah and I see it. Simply put, it is quite regrettable that such unpleasant matters could arise. In fact, we have not reckoned with such in this form, because we were too, what do you call that, blue-eyed, meaning naïve, in respect to honesty of certain human beings who have gathered round you. If we would have listened to you earlier, a lot of trouble and harm could have been avoided, and furthermore, we could have reached better and extensive knowledge and understanding in this respect.

358th Contact; May 6, 2004; 3:51 p.m. and 10:58 p.m.

Billy So I have hit the nail on the head. Right, then maybe I will hit the nail's head, and I believe it is time to mention the name of the person, of whom I have spoken of with Quetzal on April 26th. Regarding this person, I would like to settle the differences, which have existed for years and developed through information that became falsified. We had a contact on April 26th, at 23 minutes p.m., when we had a talk about my concern, and now you can see this fax that I have received hours later, at 7:51 p.m. Naturally, I was very pleased about it, and hope that now everything will be set right again. Last weekend, I dictated a letter to Christian Frehner to further the progress regarding the matter, in order to eradicate the misunderstanding and the differences. Here, please, read the fax...

Ptaah (Is reading the fax that is written in the English language) … It is very pleasing, and I think that you are permitted to speak publicly about this unpleasant matter.