Rehabilitation for Lee Elders

Billy I had this very thought as well. I will publicly take up the matter in a bulletin, and I will explain everything in the form of a vindication. To add Quetzal's explanation will be probably right, thus the matter will also be settled from your side. All of it together will be published in the Internet, so that all wrongly and misinformed persons can read it. What is your opinion about it?

Ptaah Your decision seems to be the right one. It is entirely in keeping with your openness and honesty.

Billy Here then, if you don't mind, I will say now what I have to say. Should you want to correct or assist with giving advice here or there, I would be grateful. What do you think of that?

Ptaah I will be pleased, to attend to your wish.

Billy Here is the following that I intend to write under the heading:

Vindication of Lee Elders

In 1994 a leaflet under my name ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Hinterschmidrüti ZH/Switzerland was printed and has been distributed ever since in a circulation of about 180 pieces. In this leaflet, Lee Elders is wrongly described to be a fraud, thief and a liar.

This happened as a result of awfully incorrect information that only now, at this present time and through the described clarification of the Plejarens has been proven to be lies and slander.

Through these findings by clarification of the Plejarens, it could be shown that I, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, had been misled and lied to in matters of Lee Elders through several persons and their perpetually egotistic presumptuousness, their arrogance, perpetual insistence of knowing better, slander and defamation, as well as through their desire to play number one and be ahead of me and therefore be the most important persons themselves. Unfortunately no human being is invulnerable to happenings of this kind - I am also not invulnerable, unfortunately.

Regrettably, I put my whole trust in the fallible persons, as they were able to foist proof and pieces of evidence on me that referred to a real fault or proof of guilt of Lee Elders, yet these ‹proofs› turned out to be completely false and untrue.

Thus, with my assumptions and with the leaflet against Lee Elders, I committed a wrong, and therefore I sincerely apologize in all honesty to Lee Elders and banish the existing differences between him, my person and the FIGU into the past.

It needs to be said, that the aforementioned leaflet was not drawn up by me, but by one of the persons who believed to be capable of taking over the position next to me, or even my position itself, by lying, slander and providing false information.