Rehabilitation for Lee Elders

All of this I have found out only through my recent examinations, when according to your recommended guidelines, I followed my intuition whereby I had a frightening understanding in this respect - we have let ourselves be deceived to a great extent by the aforementioned persons and accepted their thoughts and words to be the truth, although they were wrong, overbearing, domineering and arrogant. We shall never again allow ourselves to be deceived by such occurrences. Your trust, for your part, was miserably and disgracefully abused in order to insert a wedge between yourself and the party opposite you, as self-interest, arrogance and the know-all and opinionated pigheadedness of the fallible and incorrect persons, in regard to your position, did not allow them to not be in the first place, and not occupy the first seat. You have often spoken with me and also with Ptaah about it, and you have always felt very sorry and did not understand that these differences had developed, in spite of wrong information and wrong advice that were given to you. And for us all it is of great need, as it is also for you, to settle the differences that have arisen through lies and fraud and to request settlement and leniency. Just like you, we do not want anything to be left incorrect, but want everything to be clarified and express our thanks to the other party for understanding and leniency. It is very much to be regretted that everything resulted in this way, and that we also participated and asked you to act according to the false words of the person advising you.

Would we have attached more attention at the time to your words and thoughts, we would have asked for your advice then already, and carried out the analyses according to your advice. We failed to do that, unfortunately, and that's why we feel greatly indebted to you, but greatly indebted to the other party as well, with whom you are trying to get in contact with through Christian for some time. May your efforts be successful, for it would not only be pleasing for you, for the core group members and the other party, but it would be a help as well in overcoming an unpleasant matter and would also be pleasant for us.

Billy So nothing new has come about. But you know Quetzal, I am guilty as well, and in respect to my trust I should have been more critical and checked everything, and not have agreed to it unseen. I have been taught a lesson, and now check everything precisely before I agree.

Quetzal No, there is no new result, yet what I could find out, should be sufficient. It is extensive and points into the direction of all what has happened regarding the matter. But the fault is also ours. We have let it happen that our trust was abused. Besides, we would not listen and believe, that words and thoughts of human beings of Earth do not have to be identical with the truth, and therefore can be lies.