Rehabilitation for Lee Elders

Once more, dear Lee Elders, from my side as well as from the FIGU's side, and out of a deeply felt need and necessity, I very much apologize for the differences in the past and the abuses caused by the leaflet, etc. For those who led me down the wrong path and who are today, fortunately, no longer part of the FIGU core group, I can regrettably not apologize.

‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier

That is what I think I will have to do. What do you think about it, my friend - do you have anything to add?

Ptaah In my opinion, your words said it all, as well as all the explanatory words of Quetzal during your last contact. However, I will add from our side our sincere wish to apologize to Lee Elders, and we would like you to convey this to him. We also have fallaciously been deceived and led astray through the falseness and untruths of the fallible persons.

Billy I am glad that you believe my words to be sufficient, and I have said everything, that there is to say.

Ptaah You have found good words, dear friend Eduard. More is not really needed. But now I have to go. Goodbye.