President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

What Obama effectuates, one will be able to better assess in the future; what is certain is that his politics requires time and patience and for this reason he cannot, in the remaining two or one and a half years, bring that to completion what he wants to achieve, but that he also needs a second mandate in order for his activities to completely unfold.
Obama's mission and the FIGU somehow run parallel and there exists a deep connection that reaches back thousands of years. Regardless of whether Obama is conscious of it or not, he can still bring about all kinds of positive, progressive and evolutive things for the humanity of Earth and prevent a third world war inferno which is still a threatening possibility. But, whether his mission is crowned with success depends mainly on the kind of thinking and acting of the US-citizens as well as the entire population of Earth, because it depends on whether they are willing to make an effort to drive forward their own consciousness-evolution in order to really learn what needs to be learned with regard to being human in the real and true sense, so that everyone begins to live as a true human being among other human beings. Everyone must decide whether he or she wants to walk along the path of the positive, progressive and evolutive, which Obama and FIGU also walk along, or if he or she decides against it and continues to go along and vegetate away on the old pernicious and self-destructive tracks of hate, of might-addiction, of cult-religious veneration and of fanaticism as well as of inner unpeace and of inner enslavement. We all, regardless of which consciousness-evolution-level we belong to, carry the full responsibility for the course of our history. It is through our responsibility that we determine whether we go along the path to bitter suffering, which leads us continuously into enmity and into all-destroying wars, or whether we turn ourselves towards love, harmony and progress, and as a result true freedom as well as a lasting worldwide peace among all peoples, regardless of whatever their race, skin colour, mentality, opinion, and direction of belief and knowledge may be.
Translation: Willem Mondria, Switzerland