President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

To conclude I, would like to make the following comments: Surely, it is very hopeful and helpful if someone comes to have might who is wise and whose consciousness-evolution-level is a stretch higher than that of the broad mass of human beings. But if this mass of human beings, instead of observing and considering their wise leader as an example and allowing oneself to be inspired by his manner of thinking and acting, burdens him with all possible terrible states of affairs, shift their own responsibility concerning their own errors and negligence onto him, then this mass of human beings are good for absolutely nothing. A population is actually good for nothing if it acts according to the motto, “You have to clean up the mess left by your predecessor alone, we are not making any personal contribution towards this, because we do not want to bear any responsibility for it; instead we only wait and see that you do everything for us and if you should not succeed then exactly for this reason you are guilty.” Such behaviour is a clear symptom that the majority of the human beings concerned do not possess a clear intellect and a clear rationality and logic and, as a result, have not yet understood what and how life really is, how it functions and how one as a true human being is to live. To this I will describe some typical thought-processes, imaginations and inner consciousness-conditions of these human beings (not only are those fallible ones of the USAmericans, who fall exactly within this framework, meant, but also those human beings in general of all other countries around the world who are fallible concerning this matter):

  • First of all, I let myself be manipulated by all possible influences through advertising, television, political propaganda, religions, sects and films, without questioning their sense and purpose and as a result I lose control over myself.
  • Then I am ready, through my applause and my support, to agree with every single guru, sectarian, political leader or star and to ensure that he exploits my consciousness-conditioning and inner unfreedom in order to be captivated by him.
  • Consequently, I do not recognise all of the disasters that these false leaders and gurus have instigated and triggered in my name and because of my support.
  • The consequence of this thought-process is that I bear no responsibility for them and, should the occasion arise, push it onto someone else, who I gladly put in my sights as a scapegoat or who is pointed out to me as such.
  • If others, human beings who are conscious of themselves, acknowledge the entire disaster and there is someone to be found who really has the ability to clean up the entire mess and dirt, then I begin to view him as a disturbing factor and to blame him for things for which he bears no responsibility.