President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

Thus, how can one expect that a leader comes along – be it also the best strategist of the world – who shall be in a position within a few months or years to magically repair the catastrophe, which has already persisted for many years and has taken on worse and worse forms, and to transform Iraq into a peaceful paradise! Where were these great Obama-critics in all these years of the disastrous, criminal Iraq-politics and above all, what have they actually done in order to prevent the full extent of the disaster, or least to pillory it and to expose it?
The fact is and remains that a step-wise withdrawal of US-troops is only taking place because of Obama's decision and the end of the longstanding criminal military occupation of the country is drawing nearer. Obama's political opponents also demand that he be more aggressive and more threatening towards Iran and threaten this country with war. This, if it does not forego its nuclear programme and also does not abandon its secret nuclear weapons armament project, as is very strongly wished for by the Israeli Leadership.
Should those, who now accuse Obama of having capitulated to Iran as well as Russia and China, and who declare that an especially violent confrontation with Iran is necessary, come to take the helm in the USA one day – which is not to be ruled out – then one asks oneself where would they lead their country and the entire world through their insane plans, and what then will become of us all and of our descendants. That these fanatics through their delusional belief are already strongly endangering the international peace through their ideas and also would suggestively and forcefully bring about war if they took the helm of might, can already be clearly and distinctly recognised. And the insane ideas that they have – which would completely destroy the present-day peaceful relations with Russia, the Islamic world and China, because, due to their stubborn Rambo-politics, it would come to severe tensions among the worldmights, which possibly could lead into a third world war – are not at all taken into account by their reckless followers.
That Obama is no rigid ideologist, rather a circumspect pragmatist and wise rational-human being, who always attempts to make the best out of what is feasible in the moment and in the future, and who is not subject to any dangerous delusions, contributes to letting him appear unsympathetic or also hostile to all those human beings who have lost all contact to true reality and its truth, because they cling to all possible confused fantasies and thought-processes, wild theories and rumours as well as abstruse religious and sectarian teachings, through which they are totally blinded and which hinders them from perceiving, wanting to accept, and understanding, the effective reality in its entire breadth and fullness. For this reason it is astonishing that a substantial part of the US-American population is not in the position to come to the insight that a president is at work in their country who in one year has accomplished much more and brought about much more positive changes than all of his predecessors added together. In spite of this one cannot evade the ascertainment, how dumb, foolish, inane, arrogant, absolutely superficial and irrational a human being must be in order to not summon up any ability, intellect and rationality, to recognise the many results already achieved by President Obama and therefore to give him respect and esteem. In truth, he has since taking office, in accordance with his election promises, already brought about much good and positive, namely not only for his country and the population of the USA, but for the entire humanity of Earth.
And he has done this within a short period of time and within a framework which no other US president before him was able to do.