President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

In reality Obama has already put much of that into effect what he had promised before the election whereby the majority of his predecessors totally failed in all these things or – if one wants to express this weakly – roundly neglected everything. One only has to think of the historical contract with Russia for nuclear disarmament. According to this agreement the number of nuclear warheads, as well as their carrier systems, must be halved within seven years. With this Obama had the courage to express a clear vision of a world without nuclear weapons and has begun to take the first steps in putting into effect his valuable idea. However, regarding this the nasty critical voices have also become louder, which say that Obama's intentions are utopian and unrealistic since the reduction of the nuclear weapons arsenal only concerns the two super-mights USA and Russia, but not the many other countries that possess nuclear weapons, such as China, India, Pakistan and Israel etc. But the fact is that someone among the nuclear-mights must begin with the disarmament, and if one starts with the weapons arsenal of the former archenemies USA and Russia, it is so much the better; then an important sign is set by this that has a signal-effect with regard to the necessity of a nuclear disarmament, which other willing countries worldwide can then follow. The more mighty nations, foremost the USA, shall serve as an example according to Obama's vision and spur on all the others to do the same. To expect that the others take the first steps in the direction of disarmament is extremely foolish, illusory and irresponsible.
A further example of the extremely illogical kind of critic of the Obama-politic can be seen in some of the reactions to his decision for the withdrawal of troops out of Iraq. The war in Iraq, which was instigated by his predecessor in office, G.W. Bush, and the bloody military occupation resulting from it, has plunged the country into a civil war and into such chaos and misery that their consequences are immeasurable. However, this war and the occupation brought very terrible consequences also for the USA: A national debt that is driven to astronomical heights, many thousands of dead and injured among the soldiers, and very many more among the private militias and the uninvolved Iraqi population. An entire generation of war-weary US soldiers as returnees, who return home as persons who are psychically or physically damaged by war. As persons harmed psychically and physically by the war experiences they are war cripples and are no longer able to integrate themselves into society – and it is not unusual for them to commit suicide. In view of this entire disaster, there was and is on the part of those responsible in politics and in the military no word of self-critic and of remorse to be heard.
Now, Obama is given the heavy burden to pull the cart out of the mud and even here vehement attacks are brought against him of all people, according to which a withdrawal from Iraq is irresponsible and does not represent a solution to the situation. On the other hand, the president is also accused of not having kept his election promise regarding the withdrawal of troops and as a result had received the Nobel peace prize undeservedly.
How should these self-opinionated would-be statesmen and would-be responsible ones come to the insight that an abrupt immediate withdrawal of US-troops from Iraq after years of occupation, terrorism and civil war would plunge the country into a still worse anarchy because everything has gone downhill and has worsened dramatically in all these years through the corrupt governments that the US has supported.