President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

  • He has initiated a government investment plan in the amount of 787 billion dollars for the rescue of the US economy and of the banking system, which as massive stimulus of the economy has had an effect and has cared for that the worst effects of the crisis, such as mass unemployment and impoverishment of society, were contained or substantially softened, which were caused by the predator-capitalists who are driven by unrestrained greed for money and who trample under foot every ethic, moral and all human-values because they are ready to go over corpses for the sake of profit.
  • He has bluntly attacked the excessively high extra-payments for bank managers – through which the businesses and banks that they manage are driven into ruin – and in doing so has announced limits for the managers' salaries.
  • He has signalled a constructive attitude towards the progress of the economy and in connection with this has repealed some of the bans and restrictions on stem-cell research and genetic engineering that were pushed through by G.W. Bush, as well as removing the bans and restrictions of their financing by the government. In return he was heavily criticised by the Roman Catholic church.
  • He put an end to the undignified practice dubbed “Don't ask, don't tell”, according to which homosexuals were only then allowed to be accepted into the Military if they kept their homosexuality a secret.
  • He spoke honest words of reconciliation and deep respect towards the human beings of Islamic faith and emphasised that America shall no longer be viewed and considered as an enemy by these human beings but as a friend, because it does not want to lead a crusade against Islamic countries. In doing so, he called upon the representatives of the monotheistic religions to overcome their mutual hostilities and suspicions and instead to discover again the common roots and values and to foster them.