President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

  • With regards to foreign policy he has within one year eased the great and dangerous tensions between the USA and other world-mights, offered the Islamic countries dialogue instead of war as well as started or got underway a nuclear disarmament process with Russia which is on a scale that has not happened in decades.
  • He has ordered the closing of the human-rights violating prison camp in Guatánamo and imposed the ban of torture practices by intelligence services and police officials as a means for extorting confessions from suspected terrorists.
  • He has openly criticised Israel's expansion and settlement politics as well as taken a neutral position in the Israel-Palestine conflict and encouraged both parties to dialogue and to concrete peace negotiations.
  • He has distanced himself from the reprehensible US-practice with regard to foreign affairs of again and again interfering militarily or with the secret service in the internal affairs of other countries and acting as the world-police everywhere.
  • Instead he has treated other countries as equal partners in talks and offered them co-operation and partnership, and also, when necessary, made help available as for example in the case of the earthquake in Haiti, and that without pursuing deceitful world domination objectives.
  • He has explained the complete and step-wise withdrawal of US troops as necessary and initiated it, as well as put in place plans to solve the Afghanistan-question.
  • With regards to domestic politics he has put into power a historical healthcare reform which has secured over 35 million Americans a form of healthcare which they previously could not afford.