President Barack Hussein Obama, ...

So it happens that a president and head of government who has come to might through such deceptive means completely ruins his or her land economically, financially and socially by accumulating mountains of debt, betraying the constitution, sending his or her fellow countrymen to war – whereby many innocent people must die – and leaving behind a contaminated environment to the future generations, without being called to account for it by his or her gullible and indoctrinated voters. However, the truth gradually comes out and the population (or at least a part of it) becomes conscious of the illusion, the deception and the manipulation of opinion that they have fallen prey to, and as if waking up from an evil dream they turn their backs on their former great hero and idol and even begin to hate and to damn him or her.
It can, however, also happen – although rather infrequently – that a presidential candidate achieves, on account of his or her authentic and in no way feigned charisma, his or her speaking skills, as well as the truthfulness and honestness of his or her ideas and projects, widespread sympathies and a large consensus among voters which is not produced artificially but arises spontaneously in the human beings because he or she is actually capable of convincing voters through the – applied for positive purposes – might of his or her words and thoughts of the goodness and effectiveness of his or her intentions. This was, for example, actually the case with the election of president Barack Obama, who had aroused a broad wave of sympathy and was elected with great enthusiasm to president of the USA. As president he has been celebrated by many million fellow American citizens as that statesman who would return dignity and honour to his country and set a political course that would awaken new hope and open up a better outlook for the future. As the first black president in the history of the USA, he embodies for many million of voters of differing ethnic origins values such as new beginning, renewal, peace, freedom, progress, and equality, as well as a fair leader-figure who is able to carry out the final steps for the overcoming of a still creeping racial discrimination of black and other ethnic minorities. Thus, for the large masses of human beings in the USA and elsewhere in the world, Obama represents a true and long yearned for glimmer of hope, who after the dark Bush-era – during which many countries of Earth wanted to arm themselves in order to be able to defend themselves against the insane warmongering of the USA –, would practice a reconciliatory peace-politic. These hopes and expectations, as was already clearly and distinctly shown after the first months of his administration, were in no way disappointed because Obama took decisions and measures that represent the consequent implementation of his election promises. Yet soon after his election, a smear campaign and a malicious mudslinging were launched by his political opponents, fanatic media-gurus, partisan newspapers and interest groups as well as by delusional religious preachers and doomsday prophets in order to put the newly elected president in a bad light and using every opportunity to run him down by blaming him for things, problems and accusations which were the doings of others – especially some of his predecessors in office – and for which he bears no responsibility.
The American foreign policy, so goes one of the leitmotifs of the anti-Obama propaganda, is too soft, too willing to compromise, and too weak, that is to say, too little self-confidence and not aggressive enough against other world-mights like China, Russia as well as the Islamic countries. Also racist sects and associations have become loud against Obama because to them he is as a black president a thorn in their eye.