Knowing Kal

By Garret Moore, Producer/Director UFOEARTH.NET

I was asked about my experience with knowing Kal Korff. I had mentioned him when at a conference talking to someone about Billy Meier. I had had an experience that involved Kal many years ago that proved to be the beginning of a trail of unfortunate and sad stories I would hear over the next almost 30 years. I might have been one of the first to know his tree’s fruit. Bitter as it was and proved to me to be. Early in my career as an illustrator and graphic designer, I was 23 at the time, a best friend of mine who was at that time a writer for Astrology Magazine among other publications, told me of someone he knew who was publishing a book and needed illustrations. I had already been published doing illustrations for a magazine article for Bill, but was, as a young artist and graphic designer, looking for as much valid paying work as I could to build my portfolio. My friend, a talented writer himself, introduced me to a younger man, Kal Korff, around 18–19 years old I thought, that told me with a convincing air of authority that he was a UFO investigator and was publishing a book exposing a hoax with then noted author Bill Moore (no relation) who, he said, was also a well known authority on UFOs. He said that they needed several illustrations for this book based on photos that where allegedly taken of an alien craft by a certain Billy Meier in Switzerland. I was shown glossy photographs of photos, and additional images that looked like the photos that were subjected to darkroom effects. Until then I had only seen a few of these images in magazines and articles. His opinion seemed to be pretty clear about Billy Meier person and was convinced he was a charlatan who needed to be exposed.
I was told that Billy’s photos had been taken to NASA in the south San Francisco Bay Area, Ames Research Center, and where subjected to photographic study by the NASA photographic study lab. I was, back then, of course intrigued by Kal’s book, as yet unfamiliar with the Meier information and wanted to know more as I had already decided to do the work internally for the excitement of the subject alone, if not the perfect portfolio subject matter.