An Appeal for Donations

An Appeal for Donations for the Translation of the Book «Kelch der Wahrheit»

On February 5, 2008 BEAM (‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier) finished his largest and most important work after only 5 months and 16 days (171 days). This book, ‹Kelch der Wahrheit› (Goblet of Truth), which will survive the coming ages, live on forever and find its way far out into the Universe, must also find a fast and efficient dissemination here on our Earth, so it can be effective and reveal its value to the people who come in contact with it. The value of this work shall be discovered for generations and be able to become a friend and continuous companion in all situations in life.

In order to make this happen, it is essential that the book can be translated into the major languages as quickly as possible (of course also other books). Due to the very demanding nature of the content and language of Billy's latest work it is necessary for us to bring in professional, proven,and very seriously working translators – an undertaking that will by far exceed our financial resources. This is why we are appealing to all people who recognize the necessity and urgency of this work and want to help with the spreading of this epoch-making work by making a financial donation for the cost of translating and printing this book in other languages. We are aware that we won't be able to count on large sums of money, but we will, according to the motto: «continuous drops fill the glass», succeed in this task. All those who make a financial contribution and also all those who in every other form participate in the spreading of this work are already today recipients of our sincere and heartfelt gratitude, which also is expressed in the following conversation of February 3, 2008 between Billy and Ptaah (Contact 459):

Ptaah … and what is of immense importance for the ‹Kelch der Wahrheit›: since it is actually the most important work as far as the entire mission is concerned, you should endeavour to have the book translated as quickly as possible into the most important languages prevailing on Earth. The book should be disseminated worldwide as quickly as possible, since it is of particular importance that it makes its way out into the entire world.