Who is the person named the Mahdi / Mehdi ...

... mentioned in Islam?

The term ‹MAHDI› is a title meaning ‹The Guided/Directed one›, but is also a common name in the Arabic world. This title has been used in many of Prophet Mohammed’s sayings (Hadith) referring to a messianic figure within Islam who will bring peace, justice and honesty etc. … Like many ideas and theories in Islam there are usually differences or at least slight differences that exist between the various sects.

However, the majority of Muslims, the Sunni, agree on the level that that there is a person who will be appearing on Earth before the End of Days to bring a positive change. Although in the sayings of the prophet, these changes are mostly related to positive changes in the Islam’s points of view. On the other hand the Shi’a have a different view. If we take the highest percentage of Shi’a which are known as Imamites or the Twelvers, they claim that this person was Mohammed Al-Mahdi (also known as Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn Ali) born in 868, and was the twelfth Imam. But the focus of this article will be on the Sunni’s view of this person. Since we have been given information from our Plejaren friends that Islam was falsified even before the death of the Prophet Mohammed, a lot of the prophet’s sayings (Hadith) are rather unreliable. Even if scientifically viewed, there are not many ways to truly authenticate any of the Hadith, but if they are read taking into consideration the information given to us by Billy, it seems that a few Hadith may have retained their original form, and therefore correspond to information given to us by the Plejarens or Billy. Despite modern popularity, the Mahdi/Mehdi is not mentioned in the Qu'ran. Therefore in most articles and books where this person is mentioned or dealth with, only the Hadith are mentioned as a reference, which is also the case with this article.