The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials...

The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Pleiadiens/Plejarens, Contacts, Abductions, Examination Contacts and Implants
424th Contact, Saturday, June 17th 2006, 5:03 pm

Aha. - Then, another question regarding the flights of extraterrestrial spaceships in earth's air space that numbered 3000 per year according to you. Must one assume that these spaceships only belong to you or your federation? In this regard you have never given an explanation. And what was with Kenneth Arnold, who in the 1940s saw several UFOs while flying in his private airplane, and what about Betty and Barney Hill who were allegedly abducted by aliens, like many others who have talked about contacts and abductions as well as medical examinations etc. while under hypnosis? And what about the Gizeh jerks, and the Sirian men in black and their associates as well as the Brazilian Group?

No, that is not the way it is. In the last 200 hundred years, there were also a few others apart from us, and various others from our federation, who flew into earth's space. On the whole, however, the 3000 flights taking place per year are traceable to us and to our federation, as well as to Asket, and in a few cases to beings foreign to earth who later on joined our federation. The number of flights has decreased drastically to a number of twelve per year since then; and these flights relate to our work with you and our visits. Except one, all the beings foreign to earth who flew into earth's space have joined our federation after we contacted them as I have already said. As to the Gizeh Intelligences and the Sirian men in black, that is another matter which leads back many thousands of years, whereas the Brazilian Group consisted of former Nazis who were able to take over an object of the Gizeh Intelligences, what we also were able to find out. This group does not exist anymore today, and the Gizeh Intelligences were sent into exile and are becoming extinct. In addition, the men in black were rounded up and taken into custody through forces of their home world after their last evil attacks against you. They also do not pose a threat anymore. In respect to Kenneth Arnold we have found out through our three-year investigations that he did not observe any extraterrestrial flying objects but secret US test flights of one-winged aircraft. This is also true for various other cases of that time, which, however, was not only limited to the USA but also took place in other countries that tested futuristic aircraft, which still happens today.