Thoughts and feelings about translations

Another part of this fulfillment lies in the fact that by the existing translations, more people will have access to the texts and will likewise experience this process of learning, so at this moment we are on the way to be aware of sharing something; this means we feel to be aware of the certainty of the fact that we live with and coexist with everybody and everything in the Universe, and this feeling is named love as the supreme principle of life.
Since the translations are a voluntary activity, it is also necessary to spend quite some free time with this work, and to have good dictionaries, to revise the translated text several times, in best case with the cooperation of other persons who also speak both German and the other language.

On the other hand, what do you think about learning German yourself? After all, it's for your own progress, and it's just a matter of realizing this utility, of making a decision, of constant work and practice, and above all, concentration, don't you think?