World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

… As the name implies, a peace-fighting troop is a multinational composition of trained military men and women. Every country trains for this purpose, proportional to its size and population, so-and-so many men and women as peace fighters, who are peace-loving in nature and who are willing to accept responsibility for the life of others. The result of this is a gigantic peace-fighting troop which is composed of several million people and is deployed over the entire earth. This troop champions peace and has world peace as its highest commandment. Its duty is to protect human life and if necessary to defend it in personal action, even with weapons if need be, and to also deprive the guilty parties, warmongers, dictators, terrorists, criminals, gangsters, etc., of power and make sure that no new unrest, etc., can break out in the country concerned. The large number of joint forces alone must guarantee that whenever they have to intervene in a belligerent country, they always outnumber the army members, criminals, gangsters, etc., many times over and thus constitute a large superpower in a peace-making form, so that no chance exists against them, should they be belligerently attacked. Communication around the globe today functions in a flash, and it has thus become possible for the commanding chiefs of such a peace-fighting troop to be constantly informed and kept abreast of things. Therefore, if unrest breaks out somewhere or if criminality and gangsters increase or a warmonger instigates his own army to rebellion, at least a tenfold superior force of peace fighters must instantly be mobilized and immediately dispatched to the place of unrest, via the shortest route possible, to nip the source of trouble in the bud, so no war, etc., can escalate. Alone the tremendous superior force of the fighting troop enables it to invade the troubled country from all sides, encircle the aggressors and apprehend them. At the same time, a defensive attack is started against the army and commanding chiefs, which is always proportionate to the aggressive threats of the belligerent country. (A popular uprising or rampant spread of criminality and crime calls for measures other than a nuclear bomb threat.) Once the source of trouble is eliminated, all weapons of the country concerned will immediately be destroyed. In the end, only the multinational peace-fighting troop has weapons for defence, and they must be stored and controlled in such a way that no power cravers, no retaliatory addicts or profit seekers and no criminals and gangsters have access to them.