To all the Governments ...

... and Other Responsible Persons of the World

Already on the 5th of July, 1951 and on the 25th of August, 1958 I sent warnings to all the governments and other responsible persons of the world concerning the coming events on Earth with respect to the climate and human beings as well as their behaviour. They were warnings in regards to predictions that have been totally fulfilled in a frightening way. My warnings were based on an absolute certain source regarding the given predictions for the future of Europe and the entire world. These predictions had nothing to do with prophecies, because these predictions were based on a look into the real future from which the following resulted: In only a few years, the climatic conditions in Europe and in the entire world were altered through the human beings’ actions in such a dramatic way, that through the climate’s rising temperature resulting from the greenhouse effect, extreme storms of all kinds appeared to such an extent that they caused tremendous material damage to land, houses and other buildings, roads, mountains, train tracks, streams, rivers and lakes. Tremendous storms, typhoons, tornados, and hurricanes as well as ice-, rain- and snow-storms, droughts, flooding, rockslides, forest fires, earthquakes, oceanquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions were unleashed throughout the world; and all this will continue to occur in the future and will even worsen.

Hundreds of thousands of human beings have already been killed by these climatic induced changes and storms, and the death toll will furthermore run into the millions, because in the coming times the atmospheric warming and climatic changes will be even faster and stronger, which can no longer be stopped anymore. Already in the 1950s I warned: «This does not mean the end of the extraordinary incidents, because after the 21st century has started, nature will rise even more powerfully against the human being’s environmentally destructive madness and will reach such a dimension that it will be a reminder of the Earth’s primeval time.»
When the entire climate disaster and the coming events produced from the climate change are examined and analysed, then the earthly future looks gloomy. However, something which even now is accepted as the truth by only a few responsible ones is, that the human beings of Earth shoulder the blame to a great extent – actually up to around 75% – for the coming troubles and chaos as well as all disasters of every kind. Although the strong forms of the coming catastrophe have already become recognizable, and for realists visible, there are still pathological fools as well as irresponsible know-it-alls, governments and scientists etc., who still antagonistically claim the opposite. The fact that the real reason for all existing troubles on Earth is not being acknowledged and nothing useful is undertaken to fix them, is all the more a factor not being recognized. The amount of stupidity present in not recognizing and not understanding the effective factors of the truth and reality is just as great an amount as found in refusing the sole effective and achievable radical measure; a measure based on a drastic restriction or reduction of the overpopulation through a regulation of a worldwide birth stop or through a rigorous regulation of births.

Finally it should be clear to all the governments, scientists and other responsible persons of Earth, as well as Earth’s mankind, what the main reason is for all troubles and catastrophes on our planet. However, in order to understand and accept this, it requires a sound ability to understand, just as it also requires a sound ability to reason in order to seize what has become the most urgent rigorous and radical measures to counter the ecological devastation and world destruction. It also requires the same ability to reason in order to get the upper hand on all the misery, the suffering, the plagues, the criminality and crimes as well as the sexual abuse of children and every other form of child abuse as well as the ever increasing, degenerated forms of prostitution. This also applies equally to the oppression and exploitation of women, hate, thirst for revenge, urge to retaliate, religious and political fanaticism and mania, hatred of foreigners and other races, ideological and state-military terror, just as it also applies to the worldwide natural disasters, the rapid advancement of the global warming and climate change as well as to the air pollution and the destruction of the environment etc. for which complete countermeasures must be worked out and implemented.