Excerpt from FIGU Special Bulletin No. 58 ...

The precise number of actual contact people (Note from Billy: Impulse contacts, where those who are taken into contact are not aware) on the Earth presently (1975) amounts to 17,422. They are distributed across all your states, or countries, as you also call them. Of this number, however, there is only a vanishingly small percentage of contact persons who go out into the public with their knowledge, as I already mentioned. Very many of them work on certain things only according to our impulse-telepathic instructions, in order to fulfill subtasks, but in all the different cases, these persons have contact with us, and indeed, without them being orientated about the fact that they have contact with us or that we exist and that we do not belong to the Earth. Among all these contact persons, however, there are none who are placed in any positions of government, as is also the case with us – no life forms from us are in earthly governments. Of all the 17,422 contact persons (Note from Billy: The number continues to rise constantly), only a few hundred human beings of Earth are known to be officially active in public life. …

In 1956, Isa Rashid was therefore prompted by the Plejaren, through impulses, to contact me, Eduard Albert Meier, as I was then, in the company of Asket, for the first time in Jerusalem, which naturally does not mean that Asket would have appeared openly and recognisably to all human beings. On my later journeys, I stayed for a shorter or longer time in Jerusalem, several more times. Isa Rashid acted according to the impulses and immediately contacted me as Eduard Albert Meier (the name ‹Billy› was added not until later, in Tehran, Persia/Iran). Isa Rashid was given the idea, that is, the task was given to him, through impulses, to search for the actual tomb cave of Jmmanuel, which he then also put into practice and he dedicated himself, more or less strictly, to this task for six years.
In 1963, I, Eduard A. Meier (the name ‹Billy› had been given to me in the meantime in Tehran, Persia, that is to say, Iran, by an American woman named Judy Reed, because I reminded her of ‹Billy the Kid›), then lived for almost a year in Amman, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem. And during this time, Isa Rashid showed me the place where he presumed the actual tomb cave of Jmmanuel to be, which was then actually also found and examined by me and which was where I found the buried scroll and other things.
Isa Rashid had studied Old Aramaic in the meantime, likewise on the basis of the impulses which he had received by the Plejaren, and was, therefore, also in a position to decipher and to translate the partially destroyed scroll. However, Isa Rashid was not so extensively mastering the German language that he could formulate the translation into German himself without problems, which is why his closest friend, Prince Roger de Polatzky, helped him with this. He was very good and flawless in German and he had been raised to the status of prince by King Husain II of Jordan, from the house of the Hashemites. According to his own statements, the prince originally came from Bohemia, from where his family had previously emigrated or fled. When this emigration or flight had taken place, though – whether already during the First, or not until during the Second World War – he did not express himself about that, and I also did not ask about it.
Up to the beginning of the ’70s, when I finally returned with my young family to Switzerland from India, Pakistan, Turkey and Greece, where I still worked, Isa Rashid had only translated about a quarter of the scroll. It was agreed, between Isa Rashid and I, that he should send the finished translation portions to me, in each case, and should also hand over the parts of the original scroll to me for safekeeping once the work was completed, but it never came so far. Isa Rashid only carried out the translations in all secrecy because he was aware of how delicate and dangerous his work was, if it should become known in Jewish and Christian circles. Driven by his fear, he then, nevertheless, evidently began to carelessly tell things, through which Jewish and Christian circles first became aware of the existence of the original scroll. Therefore, in 1974, he, together with his family, then had to hastily leave the country. He took the original scroll with him and evidently proceeded secretly into the refugee camp, ‹Ein el-Hilweh›, in southern Lebanon, about 35 miles north of Israel, where he was found, however, by his pursuers. Only a few hours before the occurrence of an Israeli raid on the camp, in which he lived with his family, he hid the extensive scroll, which consisted of several parts, in a wooden wall. Isa Rashid and his family just barely survived this raid on the 20th of June, 1974, which was disguised as a retaliatory strike for a guerilla invasion from Lebanon into northern Israel. (Prof. James W. Deardorff goes into detail about this in his work ‹A Refutation of False Claims and Distortions by Korff›, page 7). Only barely two years later, however, Isa Rashid then suffered the fate, of which he had been so afraid, and, indeed, in March, 1976, when he was murdered, according to Semjase’s statements, in Baghdad in Iraq (66th Contact Report of November 10 th, 1976, 2:18 pm).
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