The Leadership Role of the Core-Group of 49

All these groups in the individual countries not only work, within the framework of the mission, on the spreading of the truth in their country, rather they also make responsible translations – for which they take responsibility – in their country’s language(s) and simultaneously work on the promotion of the German language in their country, because the deep basis of the spiritual teaching can only be fully comprehended and implemented if the German language is learned and understood in its fundamental principles, and is really thoroughly mastered.

The long-term task of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, is based upon not only working on the spreading of the mission in Switzerland, rather, it is also even to lead and guide the study groups, national groups, core-groups and secondary core-groups of all the countries of this Earth, in the sense of the mission, aside from which, it will, for all times, have the responsibility of assuring that the spiritual teaching, as it is given by Billy in numerous works, as well as in the essential spiritual teaching syllabus, is conveyed – un-violated, un-falsified and word for word – to the coming generations, which, from their side, will continue with the same task. Ultimately, in the course of the coming centuries, through the long-term work of FIGU, the basis will be laid for a fundamental change in the thinking of the human beings of the future, who will be instructed in the spiritual teaching by the FIGU members, whereby a peaceful and stable future, worthy of humanity, is guaranteed. Therein lies the essential leadership task of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre, SemjaseSilver-Star-Center, Switzerland, and all its core-group members, into the distant future.
Article by Bernadette Brand, published in the FIGU-Bulletin Nr. 72, December, 2010
(Translator’s note: Bernadette is the secretary of the core-group of 49, Switzerland.) Translated by: Vivienne Legg with assistance from Vibka Wallder, Adam Dei Rocini and Dyson Devine