The Leadership Role of the Core-Group of 49

Its obligation is the great and difficult, responsibility-laden task of building up FIGU as a worldwide association; of preserving it, and leading it into a successful future in that it creates the basis for a fundamental turn-around in the thinking of all human beings of this planet, and in that it also maintains this foundation. The core-group of 49, of the mother centre – Semjase-Silver-Star-Center – deals exclusively in the interests of the success of FIGU and thereby in the interests of the mission to which it is loyally bound. Study groups or national groups, which do not want to follow the instructions of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre, can, based on the statutes’ articles, be disbanded, and the fallible members are excluded from the passive-group of FIGU Switzerland, which can naturally also be done with refractory members of the study, and national, groups if they refuse to follow appropriate and practical instructions from the core-group. This way of proceeding does not correspond to a threat or to Gewalt, with which the unwilling members or groups are to be held in check, rather it simply guarantees the smooth functioning of FIGU, which, in consideration of the size of the task, must be secured in any case.

The concept of FIGU is very good and is forward-looking in its construction, and it provides for the forming of study groups, which are unrestricted in their number, in every country of this Earth. A single study group from among these study groups can distinguish itself such that it becomes the responsible

national group, which, after its founding, overtakes the leadership of its country’s study groups, within the framework of the national group’s statutes. The distinguishing process succeeds, on one hand, through the daily commitment of the study group in the context of the mission, and, on the other hand, by means of a group-majority resolution, of all members of the relevant study group, that it wants to become the national group. The study groups are very freely organised and only have a few conditions that they must bear in mind. Thus study groups meet once a month, in each case on the 2nd Saturday of every month, and they consist of an external group in which, together with visitors and interested persons, the spiritual teaching is studied to the fullest extent, and a meditation is carried out. In the inner circle of the study groups, in which only declared study-group members are allowed, who must also be passive members of FIGU Switzerland, predominantly the publicity work is organised and carried out, as, for example, information stands in various cities, lectures which are organised by study groups, Internet contributions by the study groups or publicity activities, also in cooperation with the national group, as for example, readers’ letters, interviews on radio and TV, and so forth, and so on. The study groups are structured with a president/organiser, a secretary and a treasurer, each also having to have a deputy as soon as the group is big enough. In principle, an official study group can already be founded with two (2) persons, and the number of their participants is open ended.