The Leadership Role of the Core-Group of 49

In the context of the implementation of the statutes and rules, very much room is provided for the personal development of individual core-group members and their interests, talents and skills, however this fulfilment always happens in the context of the common good of the association and its members. The means for that is the communication between the members, which we in the core-group were able to learn and which should also be learnt in the study groups and national groups. In all FIGU groups, one’s own opinion shall, and is permitted to, be held without punishment and consequences, and it shall not only be accepted by the other members, but is mostly also really understood. The FIGU members all sit in the same boat, and all work together and for each other, which basically constitutes the success of FIGU. There is no room at all for little personal power plays, for highhandedness, arrogance, selfishness, pressure, Gewalt and controlling, as well as suggestive, goings on in regard to the manipulation of other FIGU members in view of one’s own wishes, ideas and desires. Members who tend towards such faulty behaviour are, however, not to be schoolmastered by other members, rather are to be taught in a neutral and rational form, in that they hold an allocated place within their groups, in which the opportunities are taken away from them for a degeneration in the mentioned form, whereby they can learn to overcome their failings and find their way to new forms of communication and cooperation. The fundamentally most important factor of FIGU membership is the equal value and equal standing of all members as human beings. Once that is recognised, and this value is implemented in practice, then very many problems and animosities thereby fall away, as do difficulties with communication; and the need to want to rule over others rapidly decreases and ultimately dissolves. The matter of FIGU itself, therefore the mission of the worldwide spreading of the truth, must stand in the first line as the foremost interest of FIGU members. Personal wishes, bad habits, egoism and power-lust only hinder the mission, destroy its credibility and ultimately lead to personal problems, because the egoistical wishes and endeavours cannot be translated into action.

As determined by the statutes and rules, and as a result of that which the current core-group members were able to learn during more than 30 years in hard discussions, untiring work and through Billy’s patient, never-waning instruction, the core-group has, today, taken on the task – as the core-group as a whole, as an unanimously deciding collective acting consistently within the statutes and rules – of taking on the leadership role for all existing, and still emerging, FIGU groups, as in study groups, and national groups, from which, at a later time, core-groups for each country will then emerge. FIGU Switzerland, therefore the core-group of 49 of the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, as actual support, responsible entity and mother-group for FIGU world-wide, is, on the basis of its statutes and rules, always, and in every case, authorised to give instructions to ALL study groups and national groups in the whole world.