The Leadership Role of the Core-Group of 49

The rules and statutes of FIGU are absolutely unique worldwide because they have not been drawn up by the founding members of FIGU. Their fundamental development, and their necessary expansion up until now, do not only lead back to Billy, but also to Quetzal und Ptaah, together with their team of advisers concerning terrestrial matters. Especially Quetzal decisively contributes in regard to the rules and statutes and is, for that, the responsible one from the Plejaren side, just as he is for the core-group handbook which guarantees order and function within the core-group. That guarantees that the statutes and rules of the FIGU core-group are extremely far-sighted and progressively constructed and that, in their essentials, they comprise and implement the creational-natural laws and recommendations as far as that is at all possible in accord with terrestrial, or, more exactly, Swiss, legislation. The statutes and rules are thereby absolutely independent from the mentalities and value-concepts of nations or those typical of peoples, because they are worked out such that they alone take into consideration the real, and inner, mentality and value of the human beings. Thus it follows that the statutes and rules of FIGU are oriented towards absolute longevity and already predetermine the entire scope and structure of FIGU as it not only presents today, but as it will also present in many hundreds of years. Already established in the essential features is the association’s entire wordwide structure of which, in the course of the coming centuries, only insignificant things will change, and which is directed towards growth and success. Naturally, room is given for necessary adjustments and expansions, which will prove unavoidable. But that does not mean that anything will, or can, change regarding the principles, because, after Billy’s death, and the final stopping of the contacts from the Plejaren side, the then existing set of rules will, in all their parts, remain such and be maintained as they are, unless it proves, in the course of time, that certain expansions to the existing basis become necessary.

The core-group of 49 at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center has, for years, already recognised and learnt – as a result of Billy’s instruction and the practical implementation of the statutes and rules, as well as the consistent application of the rules in the core-group’s handbook – that, from it, emerges peace, cooperation and effective success which is not only lasting, rather it vehemently increases and intensifies.