E-Mail aus Venezuela

At that time I was holding a position as a security controlles with the oil industry and lived in that village where I held this job. A few days later a very strange incident happened. Together with my boss, a collegue at work, we went for a drink and something happened to us in an instant of a moment that I have to describe for you to be able to grasp the complexity of this situation.

I believe we had been kidnapped, because after a stretch of time of maybe one or two hours which we could not determine, we woke up and found ourselves on a totally different road, completely opposite the one we were originally walking on. We had to buy a ticket to return home on a road never travelled before.

It is quite peculiar, but I believe we were moved from one place to another without being aware of what has happened in that time, as if unconscious. Yet we had been transported across a distance of more than fifty kilometers.

And at last, in a somewhat remote part of the village Puerto Espiritu where I live, I observed a source of light that moved comparatively slow at a low altitude and was to be seen flowing along at around ten o'clock in the evening.

I could hardly wait telling you all about it. I have forever known that we are distinct living beings, and that we have to advance spiritually to be able to leave this world where we spend so much energy on nonsensical things.

I would appreciate very much to receive information and if possible in Spanish. I look after the education of my two children and would like to raise them in the knowledge of truth.

Thank you.


It could have been an unconscious TELEPORTATION, produced by forces out of one's own consciousness.- BUT UNCONSCIOUS!

Since ancient times such things exist already; Billy's ex-wife had the same experience - produced through FEAR/DREAD!

One reason has to exist for that, which leads to such devolopment of powers/forces of teleportation; a reason - that unleashs such very deep penetrating physical and mental states, that can lead to teleportation. For example: Fear, dread, fright, scare, hatred, love … etc.

Billy suggests to continue the life as always, not to think about in a great measure. If not, it could carry toward confusion or chaos, or to a psychic mental shock!

Brunhilde Koye, Schweiz