Würdigung eines Weisen, der in Bescheidenheit lebt

And finally a quote from BEAM’s writing ‹And there shall be peace on Earth...›: True human beings, who wish for all humankind love, peace, freedom and harmony, and who do not succumb to the greed for might, self-aggrandisement, arrogance and megalomania, never use hatred, vindictiveness and destructive weapons to subjugate the world and other human beings. In fact, such attitudes, views, and approaches always have the tendency to revert to the contrary. Indeed, thorny, dominating and destructive weeds flourish, sprout and proliferate only where the bloodthirsty warriors of armies have passed through and have murdered, destroyed and annihilated in the name of and under the command of madmen, and under the banner of alleged love, harmony and provision of peace and freedom. Yet truly, all of this is only a pretence to cover up the greed for might, cowardly fear and cowardice, as well as the hatred and vindictiveness of those who instigate wars and create terror and bring unspeakable distress, brutalizing misery and unimaginable suffering upon human beings and the world…
Continuation here: https://figu.org/shop/sites/default/files/and_there_shall_be_peace_on_ea...

Further information about the person BEAM, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier and the society FIGU that was cofounded by him:

Personal site from BEAM:http://beam.figu.org
Writings from BEAM:https://shop.figu.org
FIGU Society:http://www.figu.org
BEAM about his mission:http://ca.figu.org/About_Billy.html

Translation: Nicolas Weis, Luxemburg
Corrections: Rebecca Walkiw, Deutschland