Würdigung eines Weisen, der in Bescheidenheit lebt

The time-honoured and for the first time spread ‹teaching of the true prophets› in written form by him, solely and exclusively explains the facts of the universal reality and the thereout resulting truth, which can be defined as ‹certainty in recognition of reality›. Through the studies of the teaching of the spirit, every human being can learn, what she/he is as a human being, what gives live to him/her in his/her innermost, who is the master of the thoughts and acts – namely no one other than her-/himself – and how she/he can lead a life in consonance with the creational-natural laws and recommendations. The creational-natural laws are laws of the Creation Universal Consciousness and therefore laws of nature and laws of the life, on which all being and life is based, with it also the existence of the human being and his or her inner and outer nature. Through the studies and the practical application of the creational-natural laws and recommendations, like it is given by the teaching of the spirit by BEAM, every human being can find in himself/herself true happiness, true love, true joy, satisfaction and peace. Other duties of a prophet resp. proclaimer include giving warnings of dangers and misguided developments, as well as pointing to necessary steps in order to prevent mischief, harm, war, catastrophes etc. amongst human beings. Already in the years 1951 and 1958, BEAM indicated the dangers for the survival and peace of the humanity of Earth that were already clearly perceptible to him and appealed for a developmental turnaround resp. for necessary changes, so that the looming happenings could be positively influenced, or at least be appeased, in their negative development. Like for example in the free booklet ‹Voraussagen und Prophetien 1951 und 1958›, which can be read here: https:// figu.org/shop/sites/default/files/figu_voraussagen_und_prophetien_1951_und_1958.pdf

Prophecies and predictions by BEAM in the English language can also be read here: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Prophecies_and_Predictions

It is BEAM’s, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier’s life’s work, as the prophet of the new age, to write down and to preserve the ancient ‹teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life›, which was handed down by the true prophets, in many valueful books, spirit lessons, writings, periodicals, bulletins, articles and so on. In our times this teaching is being recognised in its true value, studied, esteemed and practised in the reality of life, by a still modest number of people seeking the truth. The teaching is, at all times, valid and incontrovertible in its depth and truthfulness, which will however only be recognised, realised and esteemed in depth in its meaning and its range by the human beings of Earth, in a relative far future. Mr. Meier achieves, with his widely unknown to the public, but extremely important work, as a proclaimer of the truth and through the transcription of the ‹teaching of the spirit›, an overwhelming contribution to a real future world peace on Earth. BEAM stands up for the acceptance of the nature-given equality and equivalence of all humans. He is fighting with his writings for the esteem and protection of all life and informs the people about means and ways to implement the true peace in the inner of every singular person, wherethrough, someday a true world peace will be able to blossom by using gewalt-less means.