Würdigung eines Weisen, der in Bescheidenheit lebt

Appreciation of a wise man who lives in modesty
There are unquestionably human beings, who work and act quietly and in secrecy, who however do a lot for peace with their unimposing, modest and to-the-core human way and personality, through their dignity, their honest character, their upright thinking, feeling and acting. This more than many of those human beings, who talk overly boastful about peace in public and who make a fuss about themselves, who in the end however produce only hollow and empty talk that does not contain true substance and true inner peace. In a time, where many humans only esteem the outer appearance, the illusion and the purely material, because they seem to no longer appreciate the true values of being human, like love, peace, freedom, harmony, as well as the unmeasurable values of knowledge and wisdom, true human beings, who strive arduously for peace amongst human beings in an honest, profound and selfless manner, have become rare. One of these truth-loving human beings is ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, in brief BEAM, who was born on February the 3rd 1937, in Bülach, in the canton Zürich, in Switzerland. So unlikely and fantastic it may seem: BEAM has since the age of five (1942) been having personal contacts with extraterrestrial human beings, who are far ahead of us humans on Earth in their consciousness-based and technological development. These human beings still visit BEAM today (status 2015) and assist him in the fulfilment of his task as the ‹prophet of the new time›. The quintessential point of his function as prophet is that of a proclaimer of the so called ‹teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life›, also called ‹teaching of the true prophets›. This teaching not only explains the origin and the creation of the human being, but also the fact that the human being as a self-conscious and intelligent life form not only exists on planet Earth, but that also many planets are inhabited by human beings in the expanses of the universe. So the ‹teaching of the spirit› brought by BEAM also makes it clear, that the human being is no coincidence of the Creation, but is based on an idea of the Creation Universal Consciousness and that it is the task of the human being, as well as it is the sense of his or her life, to develop resp. to evolve in his or her consciousness. This especially means that the human being should learn to become a true human being, who lives in love, freedom, peace and harmony with all fellow life beings in the whole universe. The true virtues of being a real and truthful human being, through which every person – no matter what gender, what skin colour, what profession they have, no matter what nationality and religion they belong to, asf. – can create and maintain true PEACE, true inner and outer freedom, true harmony in oneself, with the fellow human being and with the entirety of nature. Eduard Albert Meier has implemented the high values of being a true human being throughout his life and has written down the ‹teaching of the spirit› for the whole of humanity of the present generation and all future generations. Thereby he remained and still remains modest and never puts himself in the main focus, because for him the main point is the ‹teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life›, that should bring self-cognition, knowledge, truth, wisdom, as well as inner and outer peace to humanity. A public display of the own person is repugnant to him and is not in any way compatible with his modesty.