Death Rune should be banned and never shown in public

The sobering experience with the Death Rune comes only after an irreversible damage is done. So, in my case, sobering feelings and realization of a raging (psychopath-like) behavior came when the “misbehaving object” was destroyed by brutal, illogical force – which ironically seemed to be a natural thing to do at that time! Return to the reality had its price and came with a shock caused by complete, irreversible destruction – a little too late :( Yet, each person should know that there are now on Earth millions upon millions of psychopaths and fanatics who have no notion of the real truth or real peace and who – as we speak – are active and dedicated in any conceivable way to gewalt and who (regrettably) perceive destruction, abuse, torture, etc. as “natural things” to do, and who treat other people as worthless objects… The most dangerous to world’s peace (and such who proliferate destructive influence of the Death Rune on the largest scale) are tyrants, religious leaders, terrorist leaders, despots, rulers etc., who have at their disposal brutal force of armies and mass murdering weapons and who won’t stop or listen to reason. And they will press forward and take pleasure in brutality, subservience, fire and madness and they will continue to feed of people’s ignorance, indifference, selfishness, belief, sheer stupidity, and cowardliness and push the world into a global war. You know this saying – “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” and (in case of the Death Rune) if nothing is done, the world will awake to the evil like a smoking-addicted drunk who wakes up in horror while burning in his own bed.
Chris from Poland