Death Rune should be banned and never shown in public

– sudden display of psychopathic traits
– destructive behavior which can’t be logically explained
– tendencies to uncontrolled lust for conflicts
– display of erratic and extreme thoughts and actions
– lust for oppression and having the last word
– tendencies for violence, mockery, abuse, etc.
– un-peace and disharmony in daily life
– disrespect
– senseless breaking off friendships
– setting up unrealistic goals and breaking promises
– avoidance of the Death Rune in external life and in the self-inner-world
– recognition of truth, balance and reality
– bringing the real peace symbol back to its prominence

To describe experiences with the Death Rune, it could be said that an average person (like me) doesn’t notice much of a difference until things go out of hand and damages are beyond repair. That’s because destructive impulses from the Death Rune seem very “natural”, just like a “taste” for something, (also described as craving) which appears, and is simply there, and may stick until it is realized or dissolved. That’s why – even first symptoms – of Death Rune’s malicious influence, resemble routines of the worst psychopath (long ago, the same statement – that is, comparing the bad and destructive symbol to a psychopath – was too literally interpreted by people and then falsely adopted by early Christianity in which the aforementioned psychopath was personified into “ruler of darkness” – Satan, who allegedly whispers into a person’s ear). But realistically – it is not through invented concept of Satan, but through the death sign’s unconscious influence, that a person’s craving gets uncontrollably oriented onto destruction, conflict, “life on the knife’s edge”, “going out with a bang”, “today is the last day”, “god wants it”, “finish or die”, “get rich or die trying”, ”I am living among idiots”, “I will get even at all cost” – and similar sort of nonsense having nothing to do with respect for peace, freedom, love and harmony. With the sign of death (not peace) – the Death Rune – comes disharmony, hatred, unfreedom, unpeace and abuse which unconsciously affects a person’s psyche and from the immaterial concept accumulates into thoughts, feelings and actions. In my case, malicious impulses most notably came to daily life while working with everyday objects – that suddenly became “mean” – thus stopped working or performing in the way I intended. Here, craving for destruction usually becomes overwhelming, because those damages (done to an object) seem very insignificant. But allegedly “insignificant” scratches caused by presence of the Death Rune quickly become infected and, just like gangrene, or a cancer, spread and take full control over a person’s abilities and possibilities, and soon conflict, murder, war, destruction, discord, terror, etc. escalade onto everything within a person’s reach – including other human beings (dehumanized and treated as objects), as well as onto other races, other religions, other nationalities, whereby also everything within a natural environment becomes only an object of trade and profit.