Death Rune should be banned and never shown in public

Recently I happened to work with text and images dealing with false “peace symbol” (aka Death Rune) while preparing a project, which explored Death Rune’s history and intended to show how this sign (which actually has nothing to do with peace) has found its way into our daily lives. The research that I was doing was a simple assignment which brought with it, however, quite an unexpected and bad experience – described below. (Actually – at the end of this short text.)

Listed below are problems which I can recall and which suddenly surfaced while indulging in work with the Death Rune. And – in my case – only a few weeks of intensive “exposure” were enough for these clearly psychopathic traits to set in and become evident.

Note: Parallel meaning of the word “Exposure” is used (as in exposure to deadly radiation) to explain the Death Rune’s all penetrating influence, so not only from looking at it but also from wearing it as token, as jewelry or as element of fashion, using it as texture or pattern, working with it, being around it, thinking about it, pondering its meaning and its use, etc.

Immediately after the negative influences were noticed the sign was abandoned.

So why is the Death Rune so dangerous?
– it degenerates a person’s psyche on a subconscious level
– unaware individuals are completely defenseless against its negative influence
– he/she may notice terrible consequences only after “the milk has been spilled”
– vibrations of death and destruction cause discomfort and burden others
– bad impulses can’t be consciously controlled
– negative effects sprout spontaneously like poisonous mushrooms
– negative changes and gewalt become aspired for
– the inner-self gets affected destructively
– aggressive and misleading impulses dominate in person’s behavior
– physical and metaphysical realms are infected and the focus on self-destruction