Red-alert distress-call from Planet Earth ...

Please consider the following:

With a rational population level in balance with the planet and its natural environment, all life on Earth would have everything it needs in abundance

  • «Every human being would have more than enough material wealth to fulfil his/her creative and natural needs: ample food, a secure roof over his/her head, useful work and enough time to focus on all aspects of his/her individual development.» (Quote from ‹Vision einer nicht überbevölkerten Welt› by Achim Wolf).
  • Ample and decent living-space would be available to all. Cramped living conditions and the aggressions resulting therefrom would be a thing of the past.
  • There would be peace on Earth, because where human beings regard themselves and one another as equivalent in basic human worth resp. human dignity and utilize the opulent supply of resources for the prosperity of all, there is no reason for discontentment and strife.
  • Human beings would help one another in all facets of life, because they would know that all are reciprocally connected and dependent on one another in order to master life and all life-related problems.
  • Humankind would live in harmony with Earth and would preserve, protect and cultivate nature.
  • By nature the Earth can easily sustain 529 million human beings – calculated on the basis of its overall size and the area of arable farmland available – that is 12 humans per square kilometer of arable land (see ‹Stirbt unser blauer Planet? Naturgeschichte unserer übervölkerten Erde› by Professor Heinz Haber).
  • The Earth currently sustains a population of approx. 8.4 billion humans which is nearly 16 times its natural capacity.
  • The total world population increases every year by 100 million human beings, that is 600 million additional humans every 6 years and a whopping 1 billion additional humans every 10 years.
  • Due to the breakneck growth of the world population, all the problems facing humanity – be they social, political, economic, ecological, climatic or otherwise – continue to escalate with no end in sight.

Urgently recommended courses of action:

  • Presentation of factual information to the entire population of Earth via all political leaders and other world leaders regarding the consequences of overpopulation and the necessity to treat the root cause of the problem by implementing birthcontrol measures that are binding and uniformly valid for all human beings.
  • Organisation of free and open debates and discussions in every corner of the world on the necessity to reduce the Earth’s total population to a healthy and natural level of 529 million humans which would enable every human being on Earth to live a truly good and carefree life.
  • Elaboration of legally binding birthcontrol measures for all countries of the world by a global commission composed of wise, honest and non-self-serving persons from all governments and leadership positions of the world. See example for effective and humane birthcontrol measures in an article by Christian Frehner under the following link:
  • Adoption of the worldwide legally binding birthcontrol measures by the world population in a directdemocratic voting procedure.
  • Implementation of the worldwide legally recognised birthcontrol measures by all leaders of the world.

Non-action will only perpetuate misery and give rise to primeval conditions on Earth.

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