Red-alert distress-call from Planet Earth ...

Red-alert distress-call from Planet Earth to humankind and all world leaders!

The world as we know it today is severely threatened by the overpopulation, because the Earth’s natural environment and life-sustaining resources are being plundered, exploited and consumed at an ever-increas ing rate due to the all-devouring, explosive growth of a global population with a voracious appetite for more. The Earth is fighting for its life and is in urgent need of humanity’s help, albeit the help of a unified humanity resolved to take appropriate action. We cannot afford to simply ignore the distress-call of Earth and all its lifeforms. To successfully meet the challenge of overpopulation, it is imperative that we stand together as a unified human race and act immediately, because the timeframe for the prevention of an unprecedented climate catastrophe is growing smaller by the day. Together we can implement the measures required to stop the unrestrained growth of the world population and usher in a new era of reason, unity and moral responsibility for all life on Earth.
The only truly effective and humane way to bring the world population back into balance with nature, is to implement globally binding birthcontrol measures, as stated in the above petition by Achim Wolf to the United Nations (see petition-link on page 10 for more information).
At, a petition to the United Nations to implement obligatory worldwide birthcontrol measures was started by Achim Wolf of Germany on 21 August 2013. Overpopulation is unequivocally the most critical problem of our time and must be addressed at its source for the well-being and future viability of the Earth and all its lifeforms. If you would like to help us resolve this problem effectively and humanely, please sign our petition (see petition-link on page 10).

How many humans can the Earth sustain?