1) Phobol Cheng & Frau Sashi
Phobol Cheng, Ex-United Nations diplomat for Cambodia as a child stayed at the Ashoka Ashram, Mahrauli, New Delhi. Her grandfather was the head (remark = Buddhist monk) of the Ashram. She has a first-hand contact with Asket, her having seen Meier and Asket together on numerous occasions, her having witnessed Asket's UFO craft hovering over the Ashram on more than one occasion.

She once entered her grandfather's Ashram, saw two strange men in white robes sitting one on each side of him, speaking to him. She overheard part of the conversation, and when it was over, the ‹men› just suddenly vanished in the same manner, apparently, as Meier himself has done many times at the beginning of a contact. So Phobol then knew that these men were not from Earth.

A highly respected official breaks her anonymity a few years ago (1999) and speaks out in front of crowds to recount her stories on this, and what, pray tell, does she gain by doing this except possibly drawing ridicule similar to Meier.

Mrs. Sashi, an Indian woman, who had tutored Phobol in the Hindi language, since coming from Cambodia she and her brother had had to learn Hindi. She didn't look much older than Phobol, and so perhaps had been no older than 20 when Phobol was 10 when she had seen Meier and Asket in 1963 (when Meier still had his left arm).

Sashi was a witness to Phobol having spoken to her briefly several times about the woman (Asket) who others at the Ashram referred to as ‹the goddess› or some such, and about her ship in the sky. Also Sashi herself saw space-crafts above the Ashram. So Sashi is an important witness and corroborator of Phobol's Testimony.

More about this in ‹Reopening of the Meier Case – International UFO Congress 1999› DVD …

Not until July 1976 did Billy purchase his first color TV unit (brand SABA) from Mr. Baer's Bauma store. Whereas the photos of Asket and Nera were taken a year earlier, on June 26, 1975.

3) Colour Grid of the Cathode Ray Tube
His first photos were taken with an old Olympus 35 ECR camera, which he, as a one-armed man, was able to utilise problem-free with only one hand. He bought this somewhat dilapidated camera (its aperture ring was stuck in one position) from his brother, Gottlieb Meier, in January 1975 for CHF 50.–. If, as claimed, the photos had been taken from a colour TV monitor in the 1970s, any enlargements of the picture would invariably also show the 3-colour grid of the cathode ray tube, which would show the colours blue, green and red arranged in three dots. This fact was previously investigated by SWISS photo technician, a printing specialist who worked with tenfold enlargements and other enlargement tasks.

In order to produce photo-sized pictures from a TV unit, Billy would have had to place his Olympus camera directly in front of the TV, since this simple camera possessed neither an automatic light meter nor a zoom lens.

On the Asket/Nera pictures no such colour dot grid of the television monitor is detectable that would distort the photos from even a minimal enlargement.