FIGU Society USA dissolved

On August 6, 2011, during its General Meeting, the Kerngruppe der 49 (Core group of 49) at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center has decided to dissolve FIGU-Landesgruppe USA or FIGU Society USA, respectively. The decisive factor was the fact that the members of the national group were not capable to build – during the last nine years – a community functioning according to FIGU's standards. It is very unfortunate to realize that the people in the USA – during the last 35 years – have not recognized their own responsibility to build smaller or larger groups, in order to achieve good progress in spreading the spiritual teaching.
The decision also means that for the time being no group of FIGU Passive Members will receive the status of an official FIGU-Studiengruppe or Landesgruppe (Study or National Group) in the USA.

It's now entirely up to the Passive Members – and further persons interested in spreading the truth – whether they want to accept their self-responsibility and self-duty etc. and unite as groups in the USA and become active. And they will have to achieve everything without the external assistence of the Kerngruppe der 49.

If it should turn out in a few years that – in the USA – one or more groups exist in which FIGU Passive Members are persistently working together in a motivated, reliable, civilized way and in mutual esteem and respect etc. and are achieving real progress, then there remains the possibility that the official status of a FIGU-Landesgruppe or Studiengruppe may be granted again.

It goes without saying that all U.S. American FIGU Passive Members will continue to have equal rights and duties as all other FIGU Passive Members in other countries, and they will be held in equal esteem, too. Christian Frehner, Switzerland