Account of ‹experience› at the SSSC ...

... on Thursday 18th August 2011

I had planned a visit from Australia to the SSSC for a two week period. I arrived on 7th August, and was given a small caravan to stay in, on the hillside. On the night of the 17th I made my way down the track to the small caravan, and went to sleep around midnight or so. At some point, maybe a few hours later,
I awoke with a start as I felt urgently that I was going to be sick and jumped up thinking I would have to run to the door of the van to get out in time. This was unusual for me, as I don't recall feeling nausea like this very often in my life. However, before I could get to the door, this overpowering nausea subsided completely. I went back to the bed and drifted back into sleep.

Once again, I awoke with a start. This time I heard clear footsteps outside the little caravan. Being alone down there, it is not something I would have expected to hear in those early hours of the morning. I sat up and at that moment the most amazingly strong perfume came wafting in through the windows of the caravan. It was a really beautiful perfume, that made me think of flowers and some other elements as well. I took deep deep breaths, to take in this perfume. I heard myself saying out loud «how beautiful», and «What is this beautiful smell?». I peered out of one of the windows of the caravan to see if I could see anyone there associated with the footsteps, however, I could not see anyone.

The perfume continued to waft into the caravan until the van was just filled with this glorious aroma. I basked in the aroma, wondering if it could have been the flowers from some tree, releasing their perfume. But I thought that if this was so, I would have noticed it before tonight. I then went back to sleep.

On waking in the morning there was still a faint perfume in the van and I went up the hillside to the showers and to have breakfast. I met Eva from Germany having her coffee. I told her of my experience, as it was so unusual and I felt the need to share it. We then went in to have breakfast. In the kitchen at that time were Atlantis and Karin (from Germany). I spoke to Atlantis about the experience asking him if there were any trees that give off that kind of perfume. He listened to my whole story, and then he decided to ask Billy about it and went into his office.

Atlantis came back some minutes later, saying that Florena had visited Billy in the early hours of the morning, and that my experience was likely Florena going for a walk through the Centre, as she often likes to do. Billy wanted me to write this experience down.

I was delighted to have come all this way from Australia, for my first visit to the Centre, and to have had this pleasant experience, with Florena.