Population Time Bomb

Unless rigorous and responsible efforts are taken by individuals in all governments and leadership positions to limit population growth by mandatory birth restrictions, overpopulation and its inevitable consequences will spiral out of control leaving humanity to torment in its own self-created misery. In a nutshell, the unchecked population explosion will ever increasingly multiply our global problems because it is the root cause of our problems.

Here is a partial list of the effects of overpopulation:

  1. Depletion of all resources.
  2. Depletion of forests for farmland and wood.
  3. Diminishing quality of atmosphere, increasing air pollution and lowering of oxygen levels.
  4. Extinction of flora and fauna due to destruction of natural habitats.
  5. Soil degradation as a result of over-cultivation.
  6. Increasing food shortages leading to malnourishment, starvation, diminishing health and disease.
  7. Decreasing quality and increasing cost of food.
  8. Depletion of fish stocks in our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.
  9. Poisoning of fresh water supplies due to industry.
  10. Overrunning of fertile land as a result of urban sprawl.
  11. Ever expanding garbage and dump sites leading to further pollution of land and water.
  12. Melting of the glacial polar caps due to global warming resulting in the flooding of low lying populated areas.
  13. Intensification of storm patterns which include typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes.
  14. Flooding and droughts.
  15. Desertification.
  16. Immense rolling fire storms due to the lack of moisture in conjunction with high winds.
  17. Tectonic displacements due to the immense concentrated weights of cities.
  18. Further destruction of the ozone layer leading to an increase in cases of skin cancer.
  19. Exhaustion of oil supplies, transportation as we know it will come to a standstill.
  20. Global tensions, vying for resources, water wars.
  21. Increasing criminality as a means of survival.