Tackling Global Problems at their Common Roots

Rivers can no longer rise periodically without taking with them some of the extensive human settlements, built too close to their banks.

Yet the media always blame the loss of lives caused by these disasters on “unusual weather” or “volcanic activity”, never on overpopulation! The taboo-protected real cause behind it is replaced with quips like “Act of God”.

Growing numbers of humans have caused the level of carbon dioxide to rise by 30% since the industrial revolution; the highest level since 160000 years. Carbon dioxide is the end product of oxidation (burning, digestion) of organic matter. The natural process countering the rise of carbon dioxide is photosynthesis, in which green plants use CO2 and water to produce the oxigen we breathe as well as simple sugars, the basis of our food.

It is indeed grotesque that the species considering itself the only intelligent inhabitant of the planet, manages to eject enormous quantities of hothouse gas into the atmosphere and, at the same time deplete the organisms that remove it.