Tackling Global Problems at their Common Roots

Example Three: Population Pressure => Territorial Dispute => Armed Conflict
European governments, having finally recognised that their countries are overpopulated, now face a flood of migrants seeking asylum as “political refugees”. People fleeing the effects of overpopulation in their region by the hundreds of thousands annually, are causing loss of labour and social problems to their host countries. Conflicts between ethnic groups are on the rise. The time bomb is a-ticking! Why do we allow a taboo to keep us from seeing the primary cause of the problem: World Overpopulation?

Again, the problem is magnified by the simultaneous influence from two sides: First the effects of our long-term local birth surplus, second the massive contribution by external migration. Its synergism takes problem-solving beyond our governments' capabilities.

The threat of global war still hangs over all of our planet's life. Besides religious conflicts, acquisition of territory or the fear of territorial/economic loss are the bases for wars. However, both economic growth and territorial gain have their natural limits.